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18 February 2018 Last updated 32 minutes ago

Dark Dimension Is Taking Over Hope

Pakistan is a country with lots of potential.50 percent of our population is under the age of 25. This calculation reflects that 75 percent of our urban population is under the age of the 25 years. In every nation youth is a source of progress and prosperity.

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Educated terrorists in Pakistan, How we can stop them?

Edified terrorist are not incipient phenomena in the world. We have many terrorists which are highly educated. Even world most notorious terrorist in the world were highly inculcated an affluent. We are optically discerning this phenomenon in Pakistan that many edified puerile people are joining the terrorist organization.

 Dilemma of kids in Pakistan

Pakistani people are highly sentimental .Having a logical and neutral debate is infeasible in Pakistan. After the incident of Zainb we are optically discerning more sentiments and emotions then logic. We are verbalizing less about aversion of these incidents. We are more concern about the one issue when we ken that every day in Pakistan 11 children become pray of the sexual violence.

OIC Marvelous Step For The Training Of Reporters

Muslim world is facing multiple issues including illiteracy, malnutrition and lack of health facilities.Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen have become the victim of fortification. In these countries, education and health issues are getting serious day by day.


Food is the basic need of all living creatures in the contemporary world. The continuous rise in the prices of food items is termed as food inflation. The situation is accelerating in Pakistan from past few years.

Economic development and law and order situation of Balochistan

Syed Asim Raza:one of many problems in Pakistan we take in account terrorism and economic aspects. Keeping these in consideration the element of corruption is discussed more widely. But most of all the main problem of peace and prosperity is important to consider in most parts of the country like in Baluchistan. Without a second opinion there are both external and internal threats to the issue present in Baluchistan but Situations have gradually improved after a organized political setup.

Agricultural growth and food security

Food is the basic need of all living creatures in the contemporary world. From humble bacteria to human beings all are striving for food since their existence. The term food security is closely related to the availability of food stuff for the existing population in the world.