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23 November 2017 Last updated 6 minutes ago

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Simple hand-washing can prevent diarrhoea

Diarrhea disease is the second leading cause of death in children under five years old, and is responsible for killing about 525,000 children every year. Save the Children International and Dettol believes these deaths can…
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10 Home Remedies To Treat Dandruff At Home

While dandruff can be a rather embarrassing and confidence-lowering condition, it isn’t very serious in most cases. Which is why, you should only consider shelling out money at a salon once you’ve tried curing it…
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Today is World Diabetes Day

Like elsewhere in the world the Diabetes Day is also being observed here in Pakistan today to help create mass awareness about the condition and help combat the increasing rates of diabetes across the globe.
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The Best Foods for Cancer Patients

Meal planning is probably the last thing on your mind when you’re facing a serious illness such as breast cancer. Yet eating healthy is actually an important part of your treatment plan, says Erin Rossi,…
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Japan scientists grow drugs in chicken eggs

Japanese researchers have genetically engineered hens whose eggs contain drugs that can fight serious diseases including cancer, in a bid to dramatically reduce the cost of treatment, a report said Monday.
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Punjab Food Authority to ban banaspati ghee

The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has decided to ban the manufacture and sale of banaspati ghee by July 2020 due to its extremely hazardous effects on the human body. The authority has also decided to…
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