• Layyah: Foolproof security for Muharram Ul Haraam

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    • Published in Punjab

    DPO Layyah Ghazi Muhammad Salahuddin said that city police has planned foolproof security during Muharram Ul Haraam. He alos discussed issue regarding those people who spread provocations amongst people during the Holy month, would be dealt with iron handed.

    While talking to press conference in Layyah, District Police Officer Ghazi Salahuddin said that there are 778 Majalis all over the city from 1st to 10th Muharram Ul Haraam. Mouring gatherings (Majalis E Azaa) have been categorized in three, Category (A) has 160, Category (B) has 282 and Category (C) has 1336 Majalis E Azaa. Apart from Majalis, city police also bring into 3 categorize for Jaloos during Muharram Ul Haraam. Cat-A 28, Cat-B 31 and Cat-C includes 34 Jaloos in Muharram.

    During mourning parade 1800 law enforcing personnel, 300 volunteers and 250 individuals from other departments, will be on duty. To avoid mishaps and unnecessary inconvenience, suspicious individuals and vehicles are being observed by blocking internal and external routes. During Muharram Ul Haraam 28 mobile vans, 34 motorcyclist, ten special batches from Elite Commandos will be on duty, said Salahuddin.

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