• Country-wide protests continue


    Country-wide protests continue People in large number are holding demonstrations in all big cities and towns across the country to mark Ishq-e-Rasool (SAWW) Day.


    Protest demonstrations were held in different parts of the country on Friday


    District Administration Islamabad has enforced section 144 in the federal capital territory‚ banning the carrying of weapons and holding of violent protests.

    Meanwhile on the IJ Principal road‚ police resorted to baton charge and tear gas to disperse the violent protestors. Police have also detained some protestors.




    In Karachi‚ complete strike was observed and protest rallies taken out by various religious and political parties.

    In some places‚ the Police used tear gas to disperse the demonstrators.
    Rangers were called in to control situation in Karachi after Police failed to control the demonstrators

    5 persons including 2 Policemen were killed in clashes with Police in Karachi


    In Rawalpindi‚ protesters are demonstrating against the blasphemous movie.

    On Pirwadhai road‚ the protesters damaged several vehicles.The protesters also ransacked the Toll Plaza in IJP road.
    In Lahore‚ PPP Punjab took out a rally to protest against the blasphemous film from Edgerton Road to the Faisal Choke on the Mall.

    A number of PPP Punjab leaders and party workers took part in the rally.

    At the concluding point‚ PPP leaders addressed the participants and strongly condemned the blasphemous movie.


    protetsts_threeIn Peshawar‚ different religious‚ political‚ trade and students organizations are protesting in various localities of the city.

    All bazaars‚ business and trade centers Petrol and CNG Pumps are closed.

    Peshawar Cantonment area has been sealed whereas all main and link roads leading to US Consulate have been closed.
    Protesters held a strong protest at G.T. road and torched a cinema. One person sustained injuries in the protest.



    In Balochistan‚ various religious parties‚ Government officials and students of various colleges‚ Anjuman-e-Tajiran‚ Pakistan Minorities Alliance have taken out their protest rallies against the blasphemous film.

    In Quetta‚ the protestors blocked the Sariyab Road and burnt US flag.

    The protestors also marched on various roads and streets and chanted slogans against the blashemous film.


    protestsIn Gilgit‚ all business market and shops remained closed On Friday.

    The first protest rally was brought out in Jutial‚ Gilgit where people blocked traffic on main road.

    In Skardu peoples are protesting against blasphemous movie in both districts Skardu and Ghanche.

    All markets and shops are closed and transport is completely suspended.

    In Skardu‚ a rally was taken out from press club by media organizations to protest against the blasphemous film.

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