• Qadir Patel arrested, shifted to disclosed location by Rangers

    Qadir Patel Qadir Patel

    Rangers personnel on Thursday launched interrogation from Pakistan Peoples Party’s (PPP) Abdul Qadir Patel over corruption case and murders of Khalid Shahenshah, Imran Jhangi and Bilal Sheikh.

    The investigation officer asked the accused that how do you know Uzair Baloch ,after which he stated that every senior PPP leader knows him.

    The officer asked about the murders of Khalid Shahenshah, Imran Jhangi and Bilal Sheikh over which the leader said that he has no information in this regard as all the investigative matters were handled by Zulfiqar Mirza.

    Security official continuously asked about his involvement in corruption case but he denied and said that forged cases have been lodged against him.

    However, the probe was halted for a while as Abdul Qadir complained for headache and blood pressure.

    Earlier, Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) approved bail plea of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader Abdul Qadir Patel in Dr Asim case till April 17.

    The leader arrived at ATC and filed a plea, seeking bail in Dr Asim case. The court accepted the petition over surety bond of Rs 2 lac till April 17.

    Abdul Qadir Patel said that he had never contacted Dr Asim for the medical assistance of any terrorist.

    “PPP has no link with Uzair Baloch, I am not the only one who is saying this”, clarified PPP leader.

    The party suspended the president of its Karachi chapter Abdul Qadir Patel for not following party discipline. Patel had made some statements in media against party leadership and former Interior Minister Rehman Malik a few days back in view of the awarding of Senate tickets.

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