• Dr. Yasmin Rashid Celebrates Eid With NA-120 Voters

    Yasmin Rashid Yasmin Rashid

    Despite second day of Eid, when people celebrated it with their families, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf candidate for NA-120 Yasmin Rashid went on with her election campaign and met with the voters door to door to convince them for vote her favour.

    She contacted the people of UC-51 door to door as the workers of PTI in large numbers accompanied her. She tried to convince the people to come out from their home on September 17 and cast their votes in favour of PTI.

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    Talking on the occasion Yasmeen Rashid said that she was competing with Punjab government rather Kalsoom Nawaz.

    “The Punjab government’s resources being used for election campaign of Kalsoom Nawaz,” she accused adding that Punjab Housing Authority (PHA) was busy in removing PTI banners but same time banners of Kalsoom Nawaz were hanged.

    “However amazingly election commission keeps mum over the violation of code of conduct,” she said.

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