• NRO is "easy way", but it is the "path to destruction": PM Imran Khan

    Prime Minister Imran Khan File Photo Prime Minister Imran Khan

    Hitting out at the Opposition today, Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that giving an 'NRO' — relief from corruption cases — to his opponents is an “easy path” for him to take, but it is the “path to destruction”.

    “We have to make difficult decisions and difficult decisions take us forward,” PM Imran Khan said while addressing an inauguration ceremony at NUST, Islamabad.

    He said the country was "going in the right direction", and that giving an NRO at this moment would be the easy way out from the difficulties he faces as premier.

    "Many times in life, we have the choice of walking two different paths. We are encouraged to take the easy way out," he said.

    “You wake up in the morning and you have all the dacoits gathered up against you, and [you want to] go for the easy way and compromise,” he said, perhaps hinting at the political choices he faces these days.

    The “easy way” is to “forgive them all and give an NRO”.

    “Our lives will also become easy. We will do speeches in parliament and three or four years will go by. But, this is the path to destruction,” he warned.

    He added that the path to betterment is never easy and people therefore have to make “difficult decisions” that, in the future, define them.

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