• Challenges! Pakistan can face because of Artificial intelligence

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    Artificial perspicacity is surmounting the world. Due to advancement in the technology world is going through unimaginable changes. Even in the world most advance nation's political landscape was affected greatly because of technological advancement.

    Due to advances in the technology most of the mundane Americans have lost their jobs, they felt resentment against the ruling elite of the America. This was the one of the reason American people voted in the great number for the Donald Trump.

    This was the most consequential surprise for the most of the world. Despite the very controversial stand of Donald trump he became the president of the America. Hilary Clinton was the symbol of the elite and establishment in America so people voted against her.

    World is transmuting, this is the world which is evolving. Due to technological advancements in the future world will rely more on the technology as compare to human resource. In few years automatic cars will be on the roads.

    In china they are orchestrating to bring the artificial astuteness in the hospitals. There will be robots who can diagnose the patients. Prelude of artificial perspicacity is fascinating but frighteningly eerie concurrently. Elon Musk the C.E.O of Tesla verbally expressed that: "Let’s be pellucid: A nuclear conflict between North Korea and the U.S. would cause millions to die. In the short term, AI is not going to lead to something worse than that"

     Artificial astuteness shows the great faculty of human mind but its use can devastating.

    Pakistan is third world country, our economy depends on the remittance emanates from the peregrine countries. We export the great number of inept labor to many to gulf and many other countries. Sizably voluminous numbers of Pakistanis from far of villages go to foreign countries and earn mazuma. Overseas Pakistani sends billions every year to Pakistan. 64.5 % of these remittances emanates from oil opulent Gulf countries. Most of working in these countries are the mundane labors and maladroit worker.

    Due to technological advancements their jobs can lost. Most of the Pakistani people working in the gulf countries are analphabetic and don't have the erudition about the modern technology. If Pakistani people lost the jobs in the peregrine countries then it will be a disaster for the Pakistani people. Pakistan peregrine exchange reserves will go down drastically.

    Pakistani regime ostensibly don't have any orchestration for the facing these challenges. Our inculcation system is way abaft the world. Our 22.6 million children are still out of the schools. According to the report of an organization Pakistan is 50 years behind from world in the primary inculcation and 60 years behind in the secondary edification.

    We withal have system of the edification in the universities which is very pitiable. There is very less fixating on the research. Even we have the prevailing culture of pilgrims and paid research. Universities are not engendering the students which are even meeting the standards of modern industry.

    World is transmuting but we are not as nation. There is no one cogitating the revamping the system. Regime has no plan to synchronize the system of education in Pakistan according to the desiderata of the world. There priorities are distorted and disorientated.

    Many countries like China and India will utilize the modern technology to rule over the engenderment of the goods. They will be able to engender more goods and in better quality in very less time. We still have very great trade deficit with many countries. We will not be able to compete with modern world.

    Desideratum of the hours is that we should bring fundamental vicissitudes in our edification system. We should take steps to align our edification system with modern world. We can't make world according to our cull but we can adjust our inculcation system according to it. Our many students don't even ken about the artificial perspicacity and cryptocurrency. We should promulgate an inculcation emergency. We should invest more in science and technology. We must make our schools according to the modern world.

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