•  Dilemma of kids in Pakistan

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    Zohaib Altaf File Photo Zohaib Altaf

    Pakistani people are highly sentimental .Having a logical and neutral debate is infeasible in Pakistan. After the incident of Zainb we are optically discerning more sentiments and emotions then logic. We are verbalizing less about aversion of these incidents. We are more concern about the one issue when we ken that every day in Pakistan 11 children become pray of the sexual violence.

    The acrid truth is that no one cares about her life, I ken it's very offensive but this is the way authenticity is .Reality is acerbic and offensive. We are recreants to face the truth and look into the ocular perceivers of truth. Our faces are tenebrous and tarnished. Our soul is in comma and our conscious is long dead.

    We all are discussing it because some rating obsessed channels need some product to sell. We all people are consumers .You are not feeling anything you are just consuming what media is selling you. Do you require a proof?

    What we were verbalizing about afore Zainib's news, Cerebrate!

    Give your mind an opportunity to think. Yeah right! We were verbalizing about Imran khan’s espousement. It was our most immensely colossal issue .We were consuming the issue of Imran khan's wedding.

    If we authentically care about our kids then why there was no outrage for those 11 children who were victim of sexual abuse every day in Pakistan.

    If we verbalize about those people who do these heinous malefactions; what’s solution your minds have, kill them, hang them and keeping killing them. Authentically! You optate to ken. Do you optate to ken how your solution looks homogeneous to?

    If a person has a disease, kill the person; in lieu of remedying the disease .You will kill the body and virus will find another host .You need to take very fundamental step .We need to kill the reason and We require to restructure our society. We need vicissitude in our mentally conceiving, economy, ways of treatment and more importantly we need a very effective system of justice. We need a law for it additionally and mechanism to implement it.

    Verbalizing about laws , we make laws like it's our favorite hobby but we lack the apparatus to implement those laws. We need to reform  Islamic ideology council which is obviating us from utilizing DNA test as proof .

    We require to examine minds of those people, May be they are ill. We are just killing the body. Why we are not going after this failed state and people who brought it to this stage.

    They are inchoation of virus which make people ill.

    The state that can't provide denizen their fundamental rights how we can forgive that .A state who can't consummate its fundamental promises .It's the inception; it's the killer of Zainib and countless kids.

    At last I’m sorry Zainib and others countless kids what's I’m going to verbally express is truth.

    We don't care about your lives, we won't give you equity. It's just a bandwagon of emotions we are riding on.

    We can't get equity for ourselves; even two times prime minister's soul is still waiting for justice.

    Just wait for some other incident, Let's media coverage divert towards other issues then you will visually perceive that nobody cares about you and others kids in Pakistan.

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