• Noke: The World's First Bluetooth Padlock

    Noke: The World's First Bluetooth Padlock File photo Noke: The World's First Bluetooth Padlock

    Keys have been used to open locks for centuries. But keys have the same problems today as they did back then. They are easy to lose, they can be stolen, they are a pain to share, and if you share them, you must get them back. Sharing combinations has its own set of issues.

    At FŪZ Designs, we thought it was time to put those problems behind us, so we created Noke. By using Noke and your smartphone, you'll always have easy access to all the important things in your life. In addition, you'll be able to share access to your possessions easily, safely, and securely.

    We designed Noke to be the simplest electronic device you own. Once you've downloaded our iOS or Android app, Noke automatically finds and pairs to your Bluetooth 4.0 enabled smartphone. You can name your Noke and even give it a photo if you like. That's it.

    To unlock Noke, simply press the shackle. Noke wakes up and searches for your phone or a shared phone. If the phone is within a few feet, Noke will instantly unlock so you can be on your way. No need to launch an app or remove your phone from your pocket or purse.

    If you have a specific reason to limit the range or turn off the auto-unlock feature, you can do this within the app. In order to unlock with the auto-unlock feature turned off, you can simply press unlock button in the app or use Quick-Click code. This will allow you to lock your phone in a locker or stand near your lock without fear of it being unlocked. You can also set up push notifications in the app if you'd like to know when Noke is being opened.

    You will probably want to use Noke on your bicycle, so we created a custom chain and bike mount to neatly and securely attach Noke to your seat post. Available for only $20.

    Once you start thinking of all the places you'll use the Noke, you'll be glad to know we have discounted pricing for multi-unit orders.

    Using our iOS, Android or Windows Phone app, Noke allows instant and secure sharing. You can choose permanent, one-time, or custom settings. Need to give Johny access to your locker while you're on vacation? With Noke, it's no problem.

    Noke is great in an office environment. In addition to granting access on specific days and times, you can use the history function to track who is using your Noke and when.

    What if you forget your phone or your battery dies? With Noke, it's no problem. Our patent-pending Quick-Click technology allows you to create a custom access code. If you're ever without your phone, simply key in those clicks and your Noke will instantly unlock for you. You'll never worry about being stranded again.

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