• This is why you should sell your old iPhone now

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    This may be the best time for you to make some money from your old iPhone as Apple has recently announced a crucial trade with its customers, reported ZDNet.

    The American giant stated on its website that customers all around the US and Canada can trade their iPhones for high value across the stores and online in these countries.

    For conducting such trade, iPhone-maker has laid out a condition under which customers will be required to use their trade credit on their new iPhone 15 Pro, Plus or Max.

    The Cupertino-based giant further noted on its website Monday that the deal will last until June 3.

    "Get extra trade-in credit when you trade in an eligible iPhone and purchase a new eligible Apple device through June 3, 2024," Apple said, adding that "additional terms from Apple or Apple's trade-in partners may apply."

    No further details were released by the Steve Jobs-founded behemoth as several questions are coming up about which models would be accepted and what should be the condition of the devices etc.