• WhatsApp allows adding 32 people to one voice call

    WhatsApp File photo WhatsApp

    WhatsApp has introduced another feature to facilitate its customers.

    People can now add up to 32 people at a time to one voice call.

    Meta-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp keeps working to provide new features to its customers according to their needs so they can enjoy the messaging service without any difficulty.

    WhatsApp is currently working on several new features, which includes one where users can view status updates within their chat list and another allowing the ability to change the app language for some beta testers.

    With WhatsApp’s latest feature, customers can add any of their 32 favourite people to ‘ONE’ voice call.

    WhatsApp further added on its Twitter handler, “Sharing good news with your whole family means hearing all the joy and laughter in one easy call".

    A month earlier, WhatsApp had rolled out a new set of emojis. There were 34 new emojis that had been released on the platform but some of the most interesting emojis were the equals to sign, alien and melting faces, pointing finger, and heart hands.