• Karachi: Factory fire finally extinguished

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    • Published in Sindh

    The fire that broke out in the chemical warehouse of a plastic bag manufacturing factory in Karachi’s Gulbai area has been brought under control on Monday after 30 hours of struggle.

    The blaze engulfed factory building late on Saturday and rendered the structure of the building hollow causing large portions of the five-story building to collapse and had spread to an adjoining factory in the vicinity.


    Fire tenders from across the city were called in to douse the blaze. Also, fire tenders of the Air force and Army had also been deployed to put the fire out.


    Later, firefighters halted the operation as the dilapidated factory building could collapse at any time. Fire brigade officials declared the fire as a third-degree hazard.


    Two production units along with chemicals and other raw materials worth millions were reduced to ashes as a result of the fire.

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