• Two brothers die of heart attacks after third committed suicide in Gujranwala

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    • Published in Punjab
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    Three brothers died Friday night here in Ilyas Colony after one of them committed suicide and the other two, consequently, had heart attacks.

    Zahid Ali, 35, committed suicide on Friday for unknown reasons by shooting himself, a statement from the Saddar police station said. He was a welder by profession and left behind a daughter.

    His two brothers one younger, the other older passed away when they suffered heart attacks after hearing the news of Zahid's death.

    Abbas Ali, 40, became unwell following the news of his younger brother's suicide and was being moved to the hospital when he suffered a heart attack and passed away en route.

    As the two brothers' bodies were brought back to their residence, Saddam Ali, 28, the third and youngest brother, also suffered a stroke and died.

    The tragic news put the entire neighbourhood in mourning as the bereaved family prepared for three funerals.