• CM optimistic about bright future of nation


    Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif says that issues of Punjab people would be resolved on priority basis.

    While addressing a public rally in Tobatek Singh, he said that he was concerned over pitiable condition of farmers and workers who have been neglected and rejected under a planned conspiracy.

    He said that he was ready to assure the nation that he did not misused resources of Punjab.

    He said that he was not in possession of Alah Din lamp which would be able to resolve all the issues within no time; rather it takes time for revolutionisng socio-economic and socio-political infrastructure.

    He said that ruling class has looted the national money in the name of so-called democracy which is seldom seen in the country.

    He said that he has no personal grudge with rulers; if they promise to take back looted money from foreign banks, he is ready to cooperate with them from every point of view.

    In his traditional style, he also lashed out on President Zardari and said that billions of rupees have been plundered and embezzled by the federal government and his allied partners who have nothing to do with the problems of the country. Rather their mission is to collect money for their vested interests.

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