• 16 killed, 15 hurt in fresh drone hit in Orakzai


    Sixteen people have been killed in another drone attack in Buland Khail area of Orakzai.

    According to News 16 people were killed in a drone attack Thursday morning in Buland Khail area. This was second attack in last 36 hours.

    According to reports a compound of Moulvi Shakarullah was targeted by the drone. US is continuing drone attacks despite public protests and formal protests by the government of Pakistan.

    Earlier this week PTI chief Imran Khan staged a peace march to put pressure on United States to stop the drone attacks.

    Both government functionaries and Opposition leaders have been stressing that the attacks were proving counter-productive and were fueling extremism and terrorism in the country.

    The controversial drone strikes by the CIA are contributing to swelling the ranks of terrorists.

    The controversy regarding the drone strikes, their legality and the number of civilians being killed as collateral damage owing to the strikes is intensifying.

    US has been tremendously underplaying the level of civilian casualties.

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