• Skardu: Protest against Adiminstration to vacate office of press club

    Protest by journalist at skardu Protest by journalist at skardu

    Skardu Officials of the Union of Journalists staged a protest demonstration today , demanding of the GB government to vacate office of the Skardu Press Club.

    Members of the Gilgit Press Club and Gilgit-Baltistan National Press Club held a protest demonstration in Gilgit today against the forceful occupation of the Skardu Press Club’s office building. They alleged that the anti-media step had been taken on the advice of Syed Mehdi Shah, Chief Minister of Gilgit-Baltistan.

    A couple of days back the government had forcefully vacated the building of the Skardu Press Club and erected a tent in front of it. journalist have been protesting at Yad-e-Gare shohda for last two weeks.journalist have started hunger strike and its duration is gradually increasing.

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