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13 December 2017 Last updated 46 minutes ago

AirBlue takes dig at PIA in new ad

Airblue plane Airblue plane

Trolling other brands and using controversies as a marketing tool is all the rage among international and national brands.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has recently been embroiled in a controversy where a senior pilot was caught sleeping during an international flight after handing over the aircraft to a trainee pilot.

Taking advantage, AirBlue posted a simple ad which showed a pilot smiling towards the camera. ‘Up and Awake’ was the slogan of the ad. It took AirBlue only three words to troll one of their biggest competitors and gain a lot of admirers in the process.

AirBlue’s quick thinking not only cashes in on their competitor’s negative publicity but also sends a message that the brand is focused on passenger safety.

Most recently, cashing in on United State’s recent ban barring Middle East airlines from having electronic items on board, PIA tweeted, “Don’t let your work get interrupted onboard.”