• Ishq-e-Rasool (pbuh) Day: Govt contemplates suspending cellular services

    The government might order PTA to suspend cellular services in some sensitive areas, in an effort to foil attempted terrorist attacks on Ishq-e-Rasool Day, The Express Tribune has learnt.

    Officials associated with the Ministry of Interior and other law enforcement agencies told The Express Tribune that they have recommended suspension of cell phone services.

    “It’s a strategy to avoid terror [attacks] on Friday,” said an official.

    Cellular services are likely to be suspended for some time in Karachi, some areas of Balochistan, Peshawar and surrounding areas of the diplomatic enclave in Islamabad, added the officials.

    Meanwhile, security around diplomat entities and US organization offices as well as US Missions in Pakistan have been beefed up, said officials associated with National Counter Terrorism Authority.

    PTA Spokesperson Malahat Rab, however, told The Express Tribune that they have not received any directives from the concerned authorities for suspending cellular services.

    The government will announce the final decision later today.

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