• NA passes Contempt of Parliament Bill 2023

    NA passes contempt of parliament bill 2023 File Photo NA passes contempt of parliament bill 2023

    The National Assembly on Tuesday passed a private member’s bill aimed at condemning and awarding punishment for the actions that accounted for breach of the sovereignty and integrity of the Parliament in any form or shade.

    The bill was introduced in the lower house last Tuesday and was presented by the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Rules of Procedure and Privileges chairman Qasim Noon.

    Talking on the floor, Qasim Noon had questioned where is the supremacy of the parliament? Those who are disrespecting the lower house of the parliament should be held accountable.

    The NA, earlier given clause-wise approval of the Contempt of Parliament Bill, which was later passed with majority vote.

    In draft of the bill, a punishment of two to six years and a fine of Rs one million was suggested for the contemner.

    Earlier, speaking on the bill PML-N’s Rana Tanvir said that the Parliament being regularly insulted and said there should be punishment for those disrespecting it. “This bill is the need of the time, a key legislation, which was required since long”.

    The law will be applicable to the officials of government, state institutions as well as the general public.

    A parliamentary committee comprising 24 members, with equal share from the treasury and the opposition benches, would inquire into the cases brought before it.

    The committee will then suggest punishment that will be finalised by the leader of the house concerned.