• Doctors cannot go on strike, Balochistan PA passes bill

    blochistan doctors strike blochistan doctors strike

    Bill bars health department employees from going on strike, doctor vow to continue strike.

    QUETTA: Balochistan Assembly Tuesday passed a bill that declares health services as mandatory, and bars all employees of the Heath Department, including doctors, from going on strike.

    Earlier, Chief Minister Aslam Raisani had warned the striking doctors to call off their strike or face consequences.

    On the other hand the striking doctors of Balochistan have refused to call of their strike, until the government reverts back to post-19 Nov package for doctors.

    Talking to media after attending the annual Young Doctors’ Convention, the president of Young Doctors’ Association (YDA), Dr. Abdul Samad Panezai and other office bearers berated the abductions of doctors of Balochistan for the sake of ransom, citing the most notable recent example of eye specialist Dr. Saeed Ahmad Khan.

    Abdul Samad Panezai said that government had no credit in this recovery, release of Dr. Saeed Ahmad Khan, and (government) was busy in its own corruption culture, while being lease considerate about security of masses and their assets.

    He also criticized the lack of medical amenities in hospitals, a factor often brushed aside by relevant authorities.

    He also impressed the fact that the convention was held in order to maintain a close harmony and fraternity between doctors, while ensuring warding of any differences between them; which would also help in doctors’ future well-being and cooperation.

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