• Armeena Khan speaks out against those who restrict female doctors from working

    Actor Armeena Khan says that those who bar women from working as doctors should pay back the expense incurred to educate those women.

    Khan wrote on Twitter than 85,000 female doctors were not practising after getting a qualification, citing figures from a recent report. The female doctors, states the report, completed their medical education on the expense of the state or privately. Further adding that if only 50 per cent of these out-of-profession female doctors are mobilized, 70 per cent health issues of people in low-income group communities can be resolved.

    Khan writes that these women are prevented from joining the workforce so they can secure a better marriage proposal. Moreover, “wives are barred from working by their insecure husbands. Is it time to make them pay back the costs so that replacement doctors can be trained?” she asks.

    In another tweet, she adds that the “guardians making the decisions should be held responsible or the beneficiaries of their qualifications. I say this because women are not free to choose their own careers.”

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