• Load Wedding teaser released

    Load Wedding  teaser released File Photo Load Wedding teaser released

    The teaser of the much-awaited romantic-comedy Load Wedding has been released.

    A venture of the Na Maloom Afraad duo — director Nabeel Qureshi and producer Fiza Ali Meerza — the film stars Fahad Mustafa and Mehwish Hayat in lead roles.

    Vibrant, colourful and energetic, the teaser offers a glimpse into the film which appears to be a love story.

    The teaser opens with the tag line “marriage is an adventure, like going to war” and offers “a reason to live, love and dance”.

    In the one-minute-long teaser, we see Mustafa share his dream to have an extravagant wedding and Hayat in the fields and dancing at a wedding.

    But not everything remains happy.

    The film is shot against beautiful and historic monuments of Lahore.

    Load Wedding is slated to release on Eid-ul-Azha this year.

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