• 20 Death Anniversary of Lady Diana

    Britain’s Princess Diana File photo Britain’s Princess Diana

    20th Death Anniversary of Britain’s Princess Diana is being observed, who died in a car accident in Paris on 31, August 1997.

    Princes William and Harry prepared to pay tribute to their late mother Princess Diana for the 20th anniversary of her death as well-wishers left candles and flowers outside the gates of her former London residence.

    The mystery of her death in an accident could not be solved even after 20 years.Diana Spencer was born in 1st July, 1961 in England city of Sandringham. She tied the know with Prince Charles back in July, 1981, in the age of 20 years and latter she around the world known to be popular with name lady Diana.She remained patron of many welfare organizations.

    Lady Diana’s relations with his husband prince turned estranged after birth of prince William and Prince Harry. They royal couple parted ways with each other in 1996.The lady also visited Pakistan in 1995 and 1997 on invitation of Imran Khan and his former wife Jemima Khan.

    Two decades on, her sons William and Prince Harry only now feel able to talk publicly about her death, a seismic event which continues to resonate in the monarchy and British society.

    Diana died in a car crash in Paris in the early hours of August 31, 1997, along with Dodi Fayed, her wealthy Egyptian film producer boyfriend of two months, and a drink-impaired, speeding driver Henri Paul, who was trying to evade paparazzi.

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