• Sara Chaudhry shares how she moved from showbiz to spirituality

    Sara Chaudhry File Photo Sara Chaudhry

    Former actor and model Sara Chaudhry reflected on her spiritual journey and finding a path to Islam, to leave behind the entertainment industry, at the peak of her career.

    Discussing her religious transformation in a podcast, Sara Chaudhry, who quit the showbiz industry back in April 2010, while being one of the leading female stars, spoke about her decision and the spiritual journey that followed, after the tragic death of her aunt.

    When asked what compelled her to leave the industry, Chaudhry shared that her parents were very religious, with a focus on prayers and the Quran, and always made sure that she followed the same. “I was also spiritual and prayed for guidance, wanting to be the person Allah wanted me to be,” she mentioned.

    Speaking about her journey, the celebrity continued, “Every person has their own path to guidance. Although there wasn’t any particular incident that happened to me, but my khala (aunt) died.”

    “She passed away when she was quite young, around 38 or 39, which came as a shock to me because until then, I had not experienced the passing of a family member, someone so close and dear to me, so it was quite shocking,” Chaudhry recounted. “From that point onwards, I had a perspective shift – not religiously – but the reality check one gets that life is unpredictable, and I had a thought that this is it, this is the time to do everything while you can.”

    “Other than that, the restrictions from my family. Even though I was a leading star, I was Sara Chaudhry, working, earning and doing everything, yet I was not allowed to party or stay out late at night without my family – which is something many also had a problem with and they would also try to manipulate me – but because of those restrictions, I somehow had a life of a working woman, who worked for fixed hours and earned well, yet I missed the much-needed peace in my life,” she added, crediting these limitations for helping her in her spiritual journey, as she wasn’t too involved in the glitz and glam of the showbiz industry.