• Jibran Nasir shares why Mansha's first marriage doesn't bother him

    Jibran Nasir & Mansha Pasha File Photo Jibran Nasir & Mansha Pasha

    During a candid chat with Fuchsia Magazine, politician Jibran Nasir and actor Mansha Pasha were seen discussing various aspects of their life as a couple.

    One thing that Jibran was questioned about was marrying Mansha despite her being a divorcee. Jibran tackled the answer head-on, diving into a detailed explanation.

    He began by saying that it's not something he actively planned for all his life, dreaming in his younger days that when he would get married, his wife would get married a second time. Explaining how an entire society is responsible for the nature and nurture of a young individual, Jibran further stated that it is up to the individual's own inner strength to oversee the outcome of the kind of person they become.

    He shared, "This maturity came with age, where [you understand that] people have pasts, they have past relationships - be that in the form of an engagement, marriage, or a relationship. When you weren't in someone's life, you can't sit and make a judgment call on the individual's decisions, whether they were right or wrong, because you weren't even there to observe, let alone advise on anything."

    He continued, "Similarly, the other person could have a problem with the fact that yes you weren't married, but you had a past relationship. Look at the bigger picture. Do you want to maintain a record, or tick off a check book or show someone else that they cannot say that it's your second marriage? Or do you want to see that the person you marry, you love them and want to spend your life with them? I will spend my future with (Mansha). Why would I dwell on her past? I will dwell on our future."

    Jibran further added, "She hasn't done anything criminal in her past. I'm not saying one can't pass judgments on relationships. For example, if I'm a woman and I know that the one I married, before that, he was involved in domestic abuse with his first wife - that is something you definitely need to have an opinion on. If I had an opinion of her, it would be related to something criminal or obnoxious. People getting married or people falling in love or people falling out of love and the marriage not working and there being difference - it is natural. What is so earth-shattering about that?"

    When prompted by the interviewer about how divorce and second marriage are taboos in our society, Jibran chose an intriguing route to explain his thought process. He said, "Whenever India makes Veer Zara, Zara will be Pakistani and Veer will be Indian. And when it is made in Pakistan, Zara will be Indian and Veer will be Pakistani. Gender and gender propriety play a role here, where we feel that if you've married a woman, you've won her. And then it comes up - who won first? Who was here first? This is a small, sick mentality in our society, unfortunately. She isn't property, she's a human being.