• Noted TV artist Prof Syed Ziaul Qamar passes away

    Prof Syed Ziaul Qamar Prof Syed Ziaul Qamar

    Prof Syed Ziaul Qamar, a known TV Pashto drama artist and a former teacher of the Edwardes College, Peshawar, breathed his last here on Thursday night.

    Prof Qamar was diagnosed with multiple myeloma and admitted to the North West Teaching Hospital in Peshawar where he passed away.

    His funeral was held on Friday morning at his hometown Azakhel Bala, a family friend of Prof Qamar told.

    Prof Qamar started his teaching career at the Edwardes College in 1964 after completing his masters’ degree in English literature from the University of Peshawar.

    He spent 41 years teaching in the college. He also taught at the Institute of Management Sciences, Peshawar, for some time.

    During his teaching years at the Edwardes College, he also worked in the state-run PTV, the then only TV channel, and performed usually character actor role attired in western dresses in Pashto dramas.

    Though he had a passion for acting, his old students remember him for his literary excellence. Prof Qamar had learnt Keats, Shelly and Byron by heart. His expression of poetic verses was unmatched. He was not only a great teacher of English literature, but was also a thorough Pakhtun gentleman, recalled Nasser Yousaf, a former student who was in touch with his favourite teacher till recently.

    Prof Qamar was popular among old students of the Edwards College not only for his command over English literature, his homour and wit also made him a lovable character.

    “He was a loving teacher who just did not teach, but took interest in wellbeing of his students. He was always seen wearing well-tailored suit and tie, immaculate hair and nice fragrance,” says Ibrahim Shinwari, an old Edwardian who remembers him as the most well-dressed man he has ever seen.

    Old students of the Edwardes College had a great praise and respect for the dear teacher who departed.

    “Death of Prof Ziaul Qamar is end of an era of academic, social, and cultural life in Peshawar. Will be missed by many people. Rest in Peace!” tweeted politician Afrasiab Khattak. Prof Qamar is survived by an aged wife and two daughters.

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