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    Education in Pakistan Education in Pakistan

    Friday, May 16, 2014 - Our country got independence almost 65 years ago, and the public sector is still unable to provide quality education to the younger lots.

    Now, day by day, situation is getting from bad to worse as in the government institutions, neither the teachers, nor the parents nor even the students are mindful of the deterioration of the education system which is definitely resulting in multidimensional problems for the youth at home and abroad.

    Cheating has become so common that both the merit and the talent are in sheer decline and we have become a laughing stock for the world around. It has rendered our degrees as worthless and our educated candidates are re-assessed for admissions or jobs abroad. In my opinion, the basic reason behind this nuisance in our country is wide spread corruption. I must say, our government should be blamed for all this, because it has always given a low priority to education.

    Education sector gets step motherly treatment in budget allocations, teachers are low paid, humiliated and are treated as a labour class and the students are the victim of non-academic trends in the society. I would request the government to reform our education, bring a positive change init, ear mark proper funding, restore the honour and dignity of teachers, direct the educational institutions to give admission to all derirous in the closer vicinity and provide these institutions proper infrastructure and latest facilities. We have no future without education.

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