• CASA 1000: Pakistan signs CASA hydel power accord

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    CASA 1000: Pakistan signs CASA hydel power accord AFP Photo

    Pakistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Kyrgyz Republic have signed a historic accord to expand regional cooperation on energy, an official statement issued from the PM House stated on Thursday.

    CASA 1000, a Central and South Asia transmission line, sponsored by the World Bank, will bring 1,000MW of hydel power from Tajikistan and Kyrgyz Republic to Pakistan and 300MW to Afghanistan.

    The PM House stated that Pakistan played a key role in bringing about the agreement following a series of tough negotiations carried out by the working group, led by Secretary Water and Power Mohammad Younus Dagha and Additional Secretary Omer Rasul.

    The final resolution came when Federal Minister for Water and Power Khwaja Asif joined in and managed to get all four member countries to agree on the terms of the contract. “This is a historic achievement of the present government towards opening a regional economic corridor between central Asia and South Asia,” the statement said.

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