• iPhone 5 lines are already forming, but the campers don’t actually want the phone

    The iPhone 5 retail debut this Friday is the most anticipated smartphone release of the year, so it's probably not surprising that crazed fans are already contemplating when and where to camp out in order to score one. What is surprising, however, is that many of the earlybirds don't actually want the phone at all.

    CNN took to the streets and found a handful of people already camped out on New York streets in anticipation for the new Apple device. Of the first six people in line, not one cited the iPhone 5 as the sole reason for their week-long endeavor. Their reasons are varied — ranging from promoting social media sites to those waiting to auction off their place in line to the highest bidder — but none of them seem very excited for the smartphone itself. Apple and several other retailers have opened preorders both in-store and online for the new iPhone, and millions of the devices are already spoken for. But if you truly want to go hands-on with the phone the very second it is officially released, you might want to think about packing a few changes of clothes, because we're still five days away.

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