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09 December 2016 Last updated 15 minutes ago

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Baby Rhino Shot by Poachers Rescued

After being shot by and escaping from the same poachers who killed her mom, an injured and orphaned 10-month-old female rhino was rescued and brought to a rhino sanctuary after an eight-day search across a…
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Guava leaves can extremely 100% stop your hair loss

Losing hair affects men more than women, but women are not excluded from this problem. Thinning hair and hair loss are pretty common in women too. There are different reasons for this condition, such as…
  • Published in Health

Half a teaspoon of Baking Soda

In case you struggle with kidney stones you probably know the pain which they cause. Also they can’t be caused by only one reason. In case you struggle with the kidneys stones you will use…
  • Published in Health

Islamabad doctor sued for Rs25m over cat's death

A cat owner sued a veterinarian in Islamabad, accusing him of negligence that allegedly led to her cat's death. Sundus Hoorain told she took her two-month-old cat for a routine check-up to Dr Faisal Khan's…
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Find out how to recognize real from fake rice

You’ve probably never thought that there is something like fake rice, but unfortunately there is and it’s shocking! According to researchers in Asia, there was a massive production of making fake ric
  • Published in Health

Chinese company to lift garbage in Karachi

The Sindh government and a Chinese firm have inked an agreement for garbage collection in Karachi, where the solid waste problem has assumed crisis proportions. The agreement in this respect was signed between the Sindh…
  • Published in Health
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