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20 February 2017 Last updated 1 hour ago

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Pakistan to export seafood to China

Pakistan will start the export of seafood to the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region using a land route that China will use to ship oil and natural gas from the Middle East.
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5 reasons why you should eat with your hands

It’s a mustahab practice in Islam and here are some great health-related reasons why you should maintain the sunnah of eating with your hands…or get started if you don’t already!
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Kenya's Maasai and Samburu becoming women without FGM

Girls in colourful dresses dance and sing while holding candles that light up their smiling faces. "Extinguish the light of [FGM]. Kindle the light of education," they sing as they lift their candles. These girls…
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Babies start learning before they are even born

While pregnant with my first child, I heard unsolicited advice typical of that showered upon expectant mothers. "Don't eat spicy food," and, "Avoid garlic, especially when you're breast-feeding." But as a spicy food-lover I was…
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E-cigarette smoking linked to heart disease risk

Electronic cigarettes may increase the risk of heart disease, researchers at UCLA report. The team found that two risk factors for heart disease were elevated in 16 e-cigarette users compared with 18 nonsmokers.
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