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22 January 2017 Last updated 2 hours ago

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This vegetable will fix everything wrong in your body

The anthocyanins give them the red color and have strong anti-cancer properties. Moreover, beets contain betaine, which is a natural anti-inflammatory agent that supports heart health, as well as important vitamins and minerals including vitamins…
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7 foods to avoid before going to bed

After a tiring day, we all agree that when we finally lay our heads on the pillow we would like to sleep well through the night. Nothing is more annoying than insomnia, and the evidence…
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Pakistan’s papaya pest squashed through biocontrol

A severe infestation of the papaya mealybug (Paracoccus marginatus) nearly wiped out papaya orchards in Pakistan before the largely farmed country decided to replace conventional chemical pesticides that were ineffective with natural predators that proved…
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