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13 December 2017 Last updated 33 minutes ago

Hamas captures leader Mazen Faqha’s killer

ismail haniyeh ismail haniyeh

The head of the political bureau of Hamas Ismail Haniyeh announced on Thursday the arrest of the assassin responsible for the death of leader Mazen Faqha.

Haniyeh said that the murderer who “carried out Israeli orders is in the hands of the security services and gave detailed confessions.”

At a press conference in Gaza, he stated that the Ministry of Interior, which is managed by his movement in the Gaza Strip, will hold a conference soon to announce the details.

The Interior Ministry which is run by Hamas in the Gaza Strip, announced last March, the death of Faqha, leader of the Qassam Brigades, by unknown gunmen south of the city of Gaza.

Faqha, whose origins go back to the city of Tubas, north of the West Bank, was transferred to Gaza after his release as part of a prisoner exchange deal between Hamas and Tel Aviv in 2011, under which Hamas released Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, in exchange for the release of 1,047 Palestinian detainees.