• Google Maps makes it possible for you to help others

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    Google Maps in its recent update had brought the contribution button to the home screen for users to easily play their part in helping Google in assisting other users to find their destinations, coffee shops, restaurants, and other places.

    According to the recent blog, users had submitted more than 20 million contributions to Google Maps every day. This includes everything from reviews and ratings to photos, answers to other users’ questions, and address updates.

    Users are able to make better decision based on photos, ratings, opinions, and useful tips shared by local guides.

    Removed more than 75 million policy-violating reviews and 4 million fake business profiles thanks to refinements in our machine learning models and automated detection systems which are getting better at blocking policy-violating content and detecting anomalies for our operators to review

    Took down more than 580,000 reviews and 258,000 business profiles that were reported directly to us, as we make it easier for people to flag inappropriate content

    Reviewed and removed more than 10 million photos and 3 million videos that violated our content policies, as our operators and automated systems get better at catching policy-violating content, such as off-topic photos

    Disabled more than 475,000 user accounts as we improve our machine learning detection capabilities and develop expanded policies and training for our operators

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