• 12-year-old Fatiha Abdullahi created a cheap robot

    Fatiha Abdullahi from Nigeria created a cheap robot File Photo Fatiha Abdullahi from Nigeria created a cheap robot

    12-year-old Fatiha Abdullahi from Nigeria has only been acquainted with coding for a few years now, but she has already managed to put her knowledge to practical use.

    She created a cheap robot to make daily chores easier by programming it to fold clothes at a quick pace. All you have to do is put the clothes on its panels and it will fold it automatically within 3 seconds.


    The 12-year-old’s robot is still only a prototype but she plans to work on it and sell in Nigeria’s markets. She aims to make other people’s lives easier with her creation.

    CES saw a similar machine called Foldimate, which also allows people to fold their clothes quickly. However, it doesn’t match Abdullahi’s folding robot as the former takes five seconds to fold, is not capable of folding really small or large clothes, and is quite costly with the price going up to $1000.

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