• Valkyrie could be biggest superyacht in the world

    Valkyrie could be biggest superyacht in the world file photo Valkyrie could be biggest superyacht in the world

    Just when you thought superyacht designs couldn't get any more extravagant, along comes one to blow the others clean out of the water.

    The Valkyrie Project envisages a spectacular, sleek vessel loaded with super-cool luxurious entertainment features that -- with a length of 229 meters (751 feet) -- would be the world's largest superyacht.

    And the best part? You won't need to be a billionaire to get on board.

    Valkyrie is the work of Chulhun Park, chief designer at Latvia's Latitude Yachts.

    "I was determined to design a visually unique yacht which would stand out from a fleet," Park tells CNN Travel.

    The South Korean's concept includes an on-board casino, theater, art gallery and convention hall, which will all be open to the public.

    "Most people consider superyachts to be exclusive properties of billionaires to display their wealth," he says. "However, such a hub would essentially be floating architecture utilized by the public."

    If built, this whopping vessel would easily eclipse the 180 meter length of the world's current largest superyacht, Azzam -- believed to be owned by United Arab Emirates President Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahyan.

    Park came up with the idea for Valkyrie while studying for his masters degree at the Royal College of Art in London.

    It became his thesis project, supported by Monaco-based yacht designers Palmer Johnson Yachts, which employed Park before he moved to Latitude Yachts.

    The main material would be steel or aluminum hull and a carbon fiber superstructure.

    Currently, it's just a design -- but Park says he's confident it could become reality.

    "There has been genuine interest in the project," he confirms.

    It won't be cheap though. The designer estimates it'll cost $800 million to build.

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