• Facebook's scandals and screwups: What you need to know

    Facebook's scandals and screwups: What you need to know File Photo

    Facebook can't seem to get through a week without another scandal popping up.

    The company that CEO Mark Zuckerberg started in his Harvard dorm room is facing the toughest stretch of its 14-year history.

    After the world's largest social network became an unwitting aid in spreading Russian propaganda during the 2016 US presidential election, it didn't look like things could get any worse for Facebook. But this year, the problems have continued to mount.

    The company has had to contend with a data misuse scandal, the spread of disinformation on its platform, and allegations that it's helped spur genocide in Myanmar.

    Internally, Facebook hasn't fared much better.

    The company's leadership has faced intense scrutiny over how it responded to a series of scandals, including election meddling and data privacy concerns.

    Much of it came to a head after The New York Times published an extensive investigation in November.

    The scandals continued this week: On Friday, the social network revealed that a bug could've exposed the private photos of up to 6.8 million users to outside developers.

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