• Facebook users struggle to log in due to 'required maintenance'

    Facebook users struggle to log in due to 'required maintenance' File Photo

    Facebook users received a major setback on Saturday as a high number was unable to log in or reload the website due to maintenance woes.

    Some people were notified that Facebook ‘required maintenance’, hence they cannot use the site for some time. Anyhow, access to the social media site remained highly compromised during Saturday afternoon in Pakistan.

    "Facebook is down for required maintenance right now, but should be able to get back on within a few hours," was the note which appeared during failed log in attempts.

    Apart from Pakistan, Facebook users in the US, Europe, the UK, Brazil, Australia, Japan and elsewhere suffered from the same issue. As many as 2,000 reports of outages from all around the world were received. People complained that both website and smartphone app were giving error during successive log in attempts.

    There were also a number of similar complaints regarding Instagram, the photo-sharing subsidiary of Facebook. The problem was resolved after brief moment with restoration of complete service.