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21 November 2017 Last updated 27 minutes ago

Facebook all set for major News Feed update

Facebook all set for major News Feed update File Photo

Facebook rolled out an updates to improve News Feed and conversations, redesigning its layout to entertain the users.

In a media release, the social media giant’s Product Designer Shali Nguyen and Design Director Ryan Freitas acknolwledged that every users has different photos, videos, GIFs and links on their News Feed and it is important to make the place compatible for all. We’ll be making a few updates to its design over the coming weeks, it said.

From better conversations to improvement in readability, Facebook has a lot of things planned for near future. The design change will include comment style, direct replies, increased color contrast, legible typography, larger link previews, updating icons and buttons for Like, Comment, and Share.

The style will include easier navigation, circular profile pictures, link previews and more to give a consistent experience to users. Facebook will allow users to see where a link will take them before clicking, post previews before commenting, reacting or reading. There will be a prominent back button to improve interface.

On a question whether these changes will affect the reach or traffic of Facebook pages, the press release said design updates will only improve the user-interface and not harm page referral traffic or reach.