• WhatsApp's new features eye at engaging more users

    WhatsApp's new features eye at engaging more users File Photo

    WhatsApp has been constantly trying to make text formatting simpler and exciting. Its latest feature will be to allow commands at fingertips.

    We all know that the instant messaging app gives an option to bold, italicise or strikethrough a word or the whole message.

    This can now be done in a simpler manner by just selecting the text and choosing from the given options. People will not have to use (*) for bold, (_) for italicise and (~) for strikethrough. Earlier, users had to place these symbols before and after the text to pursue their commands.

    According to reports, WhatsApp will also give an emoji search option. It will suggest emoji whenever people type words in their chat. For instance, crying emoji will be shown in the suggestions bar whenever a user types ‘crying’ in chat.

    The app has millions of users across the globe and often suffers from service-related issues which affect the user activity. The messaging app’s status feature and filters have already gained popularity.

    Not to mention the Night Mode feature for camera which the WhatsApp has specifically released for iOS users. It allows people to capture photos in low light. The in-app camera now gives low light settings for the certain purpose. The messaging app had recently given ‘share all file types’ feature.