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16 December 2017 Last updated 33 SECONDS ago

This ex-PTI worker’s crazy idea to stop inflation might just blow your mind

A former Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) supporter has launched a web portal to revolutionize the lives of fellow citizens by stopping the burgeoning inflation and the technique would definitely blow your mind.

The idea is simple and is based on the concept of generosity. The concept suggest that each PTI follower or even a Pakistani should donate some amount of extra money he earns to a needy one.

The portal provides a calculator ( for individuals belonging to different professions as to how they can calculate and give money to others. Gifts received can also be handed over to others in a bid to end inflation.

By donating money, they would stop the inflation and in turn that would lead to compel the State Bank pump extra money into the country.

Interest rates would also diminish heavily as a result of the generosity leading to the overall well-being of the family.

And when state bank would release heavy funds to counter deflation, a common man would enjoy the fruits and that would be the real “change” Imran Khan and his party dreams off.

The simple idea, if genuinely implemented could definitely put an end to miseries of many around us even without Imran Khan in power.