• WhatsApp gets new Voice Chats feature: Here's how it works

    WhatsApp gets new Voice Chats feature File Photo WhatsApp gets new Voice Chats feature

    WhatsApp, the Meta-owned messenger application, is expected to announce a new voice chat feature in the coming weeks, designed to be the less turbulent way to communicate through voice calls in large groups.

    The feature which was previously released in beta, is now making its official release allowing WhatsApp users to connect with each other up to 32 participants.

    However, the new voice chat feature works a little differently, for instance, when the new voice chat starts, the group participants won’t be rung automatically instead they will receive a push notification, and anyone in the group can join by double tapping the in-chat bubble.

    The new update will allow participants to send text messages at the same time when connected to the voice chat, meanwhile, the voice chats are end-to-end encrypted and can be joined by up to 32 participants.

    The new voice chat feature will be rolling out on iOS and Android in the coming weeks.