• Google to switch to continuous scrolling for desktop search results

    Google File photo Google

    Google is now adopting a continuous scroll feature for Search results on desktop, similar to what had already been launched on mobile websites in 2021.

    The search results page used to show up to 10 blue links and 100 results per page, but now the company is announcing, "up to six pages of results”. After scrolling to the bottom, a loading indicator will begin to load more results faster than clicking 'next' for another page of results.

    The seamless feed nature is meant to be more convenient and easy which is more common on mobile websites than desktop ones.

    Google claimed previously, that “most people who want additional information tend to browse up to four pages of search results.”

    The Alphabet-owned tech company is also adding more Search box suggestions on mobile and better layouts for key results, on mobile websites.

    The desktop features have yet to be determined by the company, while it also tests out a new design for Search filters.