• Zoheb Hassan accused the PSL of copyright infringement over song Disco Dewane

    Pakistani singer Zoheb Hassan and Aima Baig File Photo Pakistani singer Zoheb Hassan and Aima Baig

    Late singer Nazia Hassan’s brother Zoheb Hassan has accused the Pakistan Super League of copyright infringement over the duo’s iconic song ‘Disco Dewane’, which was sang by Aima Baig at the opening ceremony of PSL4.

    The legendary singer’s brother, in a tweet, expressed shock over the rendition by the franchise without prior permission.

    Not only that, he also threatened to take legal action on the act.

    He said: “I was shocked to see that a reputable platform like PSL used our track Disco Dewane without our prior permission. Outright infringement of intellectual property should be condemned and I am going to take a legal stand on this one!”.

    On February 14, many renowned stars performed at the PSL inauguration ceremony.

    The musical night began with the tune of the 1992 World Cup.

    Boney M performed on their famous track: Daddy Cool.

    Followed by the performances of the international artists, Aima Baig and Shuja Haider came on the main stage to kick off the performances of Pakistani artists at the event.

    Fawad Khan was the showstopper of the evening with his final performance at the PSL's main anthem this edition.

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