• Rizwan reveals reason behind 'no photos with female fans'

    Mohammad Rizwan File photo Mohammad Rizwan

    Getting a chance to meet your favourite cricketer in person and clicking pictures with them is, without a shadow of a doubt, a dream for many cricket fans out there.

    And while the gender of the fan is irrelevant, Pakistan's much-adored cricketer Mohammad Rizwan has never been spotted with a female fan in any of his pictures.

    The national squad wicketkeeper-batter has finally disclosed the reason why he never clicks pictures with ladies. The revelation was made during an interview that is making rounds on social media.

    When asked why is he so shy around women, Rizwan said: "It is not about being shy but some things are personal and every player has their own personal."

    He said that he respects women a lot and doesn't consider himself "worthy" of being photographed with "mothers and sisters" even if they ask for it.

    "The worth of these women is very high to me and I wish that mothers and sisters who are my fans would not be offended by this," Rizwan said.