• More than 1 million animals excreta brought to Landfill site: Saeed Ghani

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    Saeed Ghani Saeed Ghani

    Provincial Minister of Municipality Saeed Ghani said that more than 1 million excreta brought to Landfill site. He was talking to media in Karachi.

    "Good deeds should be praise, show any place in the city from where excreta haven't picked up." He said

    Talking about the appointment of Imran Ismail as Governor Sindh, Sindh's Municipality Minister Saeed Ghani remarked that constitutionally there is no restriction on appointment of any Inter Pass person as Governor however PTI's claim was that it would appoint professional and educated person as Governor, PTI must think about it.

    It is wrong to say that only 3 lac animals sold in Karachi, Karachi have more than 17 million  Population while Lahore having 11 million. He added

    "According to Census there are more than 3 million houses in Karachi and More than 1 million sacrifices done on recent Eid. Moreover 4 lac 35 thousand animals are slaughtered only in District central." He said

    Better work done in the City this time as compare to past and it should be Praised. We are thankful to all the elected representatives including Mayor Karachi who played role to clean cities from excreta. He said

    "I am still stand with my words that show any place in the city where excreta are still there." He added

    He appealed to the citizens that to stand with Government to clean the City.

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