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24 January 2018 Last updated 3 hours ago

"Pay Rs1m or family members die" panchayat tells RYK man

The couple recorded a statement detailing panchayat's orders. The couple recorded a statement detailing panchayat's orders.

A panchayat on Monday allegedly threatened to kill the relatives of a man who contracted a love marriage with a woman in Rahim Yar Khan's Sadiqabad subdivision upon failure to pay a proposed penalty of Rs 1 million to the council.

Jawed, 20, and Nusrat, 18, ─ both residents of Sadiqabad 146-P area ─ went into hiding after contracting a love marriage in court earlier this week.

Jawed, a cargo rickshaw driver in the village, told media that after the couple went into hiding, a panchayat was called at the house of Nusrat's father, Yaqoob.

Yaqoob demanded the betrothal of Jawed's 16-year-old sister to his five-year-old son, Ahmed, Jawed claimed.

However, when Jawed's family refused, the council ordered them to pay a fine of Rs1m within seven days and leave the area, Jawed alleged.

The panchayat allegedly threatened to kill Jawed's family members if the sum was not paid within a week.

Jawed and Nusrat had earlier approached the police station to file an application but were allegedly prevented from doing so by officials there.

The couple then recorded a video statement detailing the orders of the panchayat and seeking protection from Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif and the deputy inspector general Punjab.

After the news of the incident was leaked to the media, an official at the Saddar Sadiqabad police station contacted Jawed and asked him to meet with officials there.

Jawed, who had escaped to nearby Ghotki with Nusrat, agreed to meet the official Monday afternoon.