• "Whatever the NAB is doing it's doing for the country", Javed Iqbal

    Javed Iqbal file photo Javed Iqbal

    National Accountability Chairman (NAB) Javed Iqbal on Thursday stated that if carrying out accountability was a crime, then it would continue [in the future].

    Iqbal inquired that whether it was an offence to probe those who indulged in corrupt activities.

    “Unabated corruption will not go unchecked in country from now onwards. Lay man will not feel content till complete annihilation of menace of corruption”, clarified Iqbal.

    The anti-graft watchdog categorically dismissed allegations about alleged humiliation during NAB’s proceedings.

    “Process of accountability is in greater interest of the country. It is watchdog’s primary duty to ask from guardians of national exchequer that where sum of money is spent”, stating Iqbal while adding that NAB did not have enmity with any specific individual.

    It is worth here to mention that both anti-graft watchdog and ruling PML-N had been exchanging heated arguments ever since former sent notice to latter’s supreme leader over alleged money laundering.

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