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23 November 2017 Last updated 2 minutes ago

Young man drowns in Jhelum River over bet

Ali Abrar Ali Abrar

A young man drowned in Jhelum River and lost his life over a bet.

According to the police, five friends were on a trip near Kohala Bridge by the river when the bet was placed.

One of the friends, Ali Abrar, jumped in the water to fulfil a bet that required him to cross the river. But the strong water current swept him away.Subsequently, the officials of Bakot police station took the four remaining friends in custody.

A case was registered under the name of Ali's father.

The accused had set the reward of a mobile phone and Rs15,000 on the bet, police said.

The incident took place on Saturday and was shot by one of the four friends present by the river. Later, the video went viral on social media.