• Kashmiris to mark August 15 as black day

    syed ali Gailani syed ali Gailani

     Kashmiris have announced to stage protest demonstration and complete strike to mark August 15 as black day.

    Kashmiri leader syed Ali Gailani  called for observing August 15 black day “to convey India that it has by force snatched our freedom

    In a statement, Kashmiri leader syed Ali Gailani said that we are striving for freedom for the real peace and prosperity of the world.

    He said that in 1947 the Indian sub- continent got freedom from the British rule. “India gained this freedom after enormous sacrifices and struggle. For achieving freedom Indian nation sacrificed its thousands of men, women and tolerated the torture and oppression at the hands of British,” he said, adding, “The sacrifices given by this nation for freedom should have been enough motivation for the Indian nation and its leadership to recognize and honor the freedom of other nations.”

    India, he said, should have been a torch bearer of freedom and champion of human rights “but alas, it is totally opposite.”

    Only few days after getting its freedom, Gailani said, Indian nation over powered a “tiny nation called Kashmir and with its military might snatch its freedom and subjugated its people.”

    Gailani said that when Kashmiri’s “resisted the forced domination”, India went to United Nations and promised before the whole world that Kashmiri’s will be provided a chance to choose their fate.

    Kashmiris, he said, should observe 15 August as a “black day”. He also called for peaceful protest, strike and other programs on the day to remind India and the world that Kashmir still remains “bleeding” and that resolving this issue is in the favor of lasting peace, brotherhood, development and stability of the world.

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