• 5th anniversary of Gayari Sector tragedy today

    martyrs of Gayari file photo martyrs of Gayari

    The fifth anniversary of the Gayari tragedy is being observed today (Friday) to pay homage to those who embraced martyrdom in the deadly avalanche on April 7, 2012 near the Siachen Glacier region.

    An avalanche had hit the Pakistani military base in Gayari Sector, near the Siachen Glacier region, on April 7, 2012 and trapped at least 140 soldiers and civilian contractors under the snow.

    After the incident, Pakistan Army initiated a search operation which went on for nearly two months. On 29th May 2012, all the victims were declared martyrs.

    Gayari base is one of the most important Pakistani bases in the area. It is a vital supply hub for troops and material passing through to more remote bases, and is not far from a military hospital.

    At the time of the ice avalanche, the base was occupied by soldiers of the 6th Northern Light Infantry battalion, a unit “trained in mountain operations”.

    Avalanches are uncommon in the area of Gayari. Due to the low avalanche risk, Gayari was a bigger complex and housed many more soldiers than other bases in the Siachen region.

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